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We are a MatchMaking Consultancy, not an online dating service. We interview clients in depth and match them with people, we feel, are ideal partners.
No more paging through online sites. We do all the matching for you, from our extensive data base.

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1,463 Dates
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Where the vision came from

I came to South Africa from the UK in 1996 and fell in love with South Africa and Cape town, the dramatic and beautiful countryside,. the weather – nice and sunny most of the time, a contrast to the UK where its winter most of the year. A few years ago, a seed was sown, I had an idea. I didn’t know at the time that fate had a plan for me, that that little seed would eventually sprout and become Introductions-SA. It started after my first look at the dating scene back in 2017, online dating sites and smart phone applications were the way forward but lacked the personal touch and, to someone not used to such sites, a little complicated and daunting.

What do I write about myself? What picture can I use? My self confidence was low at this time but I took the plunge and joined a dating site. It was like being in the largest supermarket in the world, I found some people I liked but they lived in another country, I found people who liked me but not my cats or dogs, it was like standing in an airport arrivals hall full of people trying to find ‘the one’.
After a few very unsuccessful dates I gave up and realised there must be others who want to meet potential life partners, and, like me, didn’t want to go through the hoops of online dating. I then had my lightbulb moment, to finally let the little seed start to flourish. A MatchMaking Consultancy that has real humans who look for a potential life partner, someone that can find complementary characteristics and work towards the perfect match.
I understand that some people like the fast-paced Internet Dating world, some people like the more personal touch. I took a leap of faith and decided to study MatchMaking and Life Coaching, with more courses, in time, to add to the services available for my clients.
I was asked to write about the reasons Introductions-SA is the best MatchMaking consultancy service in Cape Town, it isn’t yet, it’s just blooming, and like the spring flowers of Kirstenbosch and Table Mountain National Park I hope it will become one of the best MatchMaking consultancies in Cape Town and South Africa.

All my love,

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Dating can be a very difficult road to travel alone, let us make the journey easier for you by assisting you with choices

Our service includes

Personal Interviews

We conduct interviews personally for the most accurate results.

In-depth screening

We conduct in-depth screening of all potential clients to ensure your safety.


All details are completely confidetial

Relationship / Image coaching

This service will be available coming soon!!

Wedding Planning

We'll even take care of your special day.

Best service

We will do everything we can to offer you the best experience

No more paging through online sites.

We do all the matching for you, from our extensive data base.

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